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Our mission is to provide Computer Science exposure to students at an early age. This year, our goal is to impact 1000 kids through our workshops, programs, and events. To do this, however, we need your help. Many of the schools we target and invite to take part in our programs are in underprivileged and underfunded areas. Moreover, we would like to keep our workshops free and available to all students, regardless of sociopolitical status. Join the movement and donate today!


Why should I or my company donate money or technology?

By sponsoring our nonprofit, not only will you be helping underprivileged students and supporting a growing CS field, but also gaining exposure for your company. Our summer workshops will be featured in local newspapers including the Loudoun Times and the Washington Executive. In the next year, we will be forming international chapters, particularly in the UK, and will be conducting events such as our CS+X CodetDay as well as a TEDx event surrounding the concept of CS+X, meaning we are in need of funding and technology donations. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to support CS education!


What will the donations be used for?

Since we are a nonprofit, all donations will be used for and only for our workshops and events.

  • Acquiring various technology for our workshops and programs including used laptops, Raspberry Pi computers, and Android smartphones.
  • Funding for our workshops
  • Funding to publicize Project CODEt to other schools and start other chapters
  • Funding our upcoming projects, including our CODEt Day event
  • Funding to begin international chapters or help schools lacking the technology necessary
  • Funding to organize large Computer Science events
    • Providing awards for our competitions, technology to educate the students, facilitation fees, materials for all of our participants.


What is the CODEtday?

Our annual CODEt Day is an all-day event highlighting the topic of CS+X. Students will participate in various workshops exploring the integration of Computer Science and different subjects and fields, including STEM, Humanities, Music/Art, and Gaming. In these workshops, elementary and middle school students are given the opportunity to create their own CS projects which they will present in a expo-style gala near the end of our event to win prizes. Participants will also view projects from high school students surrounding CS+X, and engage in fun activities hosted by student-led clubs. Additionally, students may attend presentations by our CS+X speakers, who will demonstrate how they are able to incorporate Computer Science into their respective fields. By showcasing the integration of Computer Science with other expertises, we hope to emphasize the opportunities presented by obtaining programming skills and the versatility of programming.  


My company would like to be a sponsor for CODETday. What can you offer us in terms of sponsorship benefits?

In return for your contribution, we will provide you with our associated sponsor-exclusive benefits. We offer sponsorship packages for companies who are willing to support us through monetary or technology donations. Download our CODETday Sponsorship Information PDF here, or check out the packages below:

CODETday Sponsorship Packages


Are my donations and gifts tax deductible?

Since we are a 501(c)(3) organization, donations and gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by IRS regulations.


I’m not representing a company, but can I still donate?

Yes! All donations are appreciated and will be extremely beneficial to Project CODEt. You may either write us a check or donate through PayPal.


Technology Donations

In addition to grants and monetary donations, we are also in need of technology donations for use in our workshops and large-scale events. All working equipment including used laptops, phones, and projectors would be beneficial and very much appreciated.


Give to Code

We also invite you to participate in our Give to Code program: For every hour of code our students complete, we ask that you donate $5 to our organization, so that we can continue to educate students in Computer Science. For more information, please contact us using the email address below.


Please let us know if you or your organization are interested in sponsoring us!  Email us at sponsor@projectcodet.org, or contact:

Rupali Dhumne

Principal Founder and CEO, at (571) 455-5822. We look forward to hearing from you!


Payment by Check

All Checks must be made to:

Project CODEt

2910 Fox Mill Manor Dr

Oakton VA 22124



For further inquiries, please contact us or fill out the form below, and we will respond as soon as possible!

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