The Problem

In today’s job market, Computer science holds 60% of the jobs within the STEM field, when compared to jobs pertaining to other Math and Science areas, and is a 500 billion dollar opportunity with over 1.4 million computing jobs available. In a society where solely 2.4% of students graduate with a Computer science degree and 9 out of 10 schools don’t even offer Computer programming classes, it is essential that we create early exposure for the next generation of coding students. Started in early 2015 by a Project CODEt member, Project CODEt, helps provide equal opportunities for all students who may not have access to the information at hand (regarding Computer science), or even a Computer at home.

The goal of Project CODEt is not only to impact the county-wide community, but to share Computer science skills with as many students as possible. We believe by expanding our program to multiple areas, we are able to encourage collaboration between students as well as spread programming to all areas where the field is not currently accessible. This allows for an increase interest in Computer science, as well as introduces students to the applications of the field and encourages interaction with technology where it may not be as accessible to students.

Current projects planned:

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