Thank you to everyone: volunteers, school officials, and students, who made CODEt Day 2016 a tremendous success!

You’re Invited: CODEt Day

WHO? Run by the Project CODEt Team!

WHAT? An all-day event emphasizing the topic of CS+X.

WHEN? January 16, 2016 from 12:30 to 6:00 pm.

WHERE? Rachel Carson MS, 13618 McLearen Rd, Herndon, VA 20171

WHY? To further our ultimate goal of encouraging and fostering interest in Computer Science.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in 2 workshops exploring the integration of Computer Science and different subjects and fields, including STEM, Humanities, Music/Art, and Gaming to develop their own projects in Java, Scratch, HTML and Javascript.

  • CS + Biology: Students will be taught to program their own DNA to RNA transmitter using the java language, and will be given various projects from encoding the complementary DNA strand to generating a matching RNA strand for a given DNA sample.
  • CS + Fashion: Students will be combining discrete math topics, scratch and fashion to generate programs incorporating machine learning, image recognition, 3D graphics and E-commerce.
  • CS + Gaming: Students will combine computer science and gaming in a workshop inspired by the American University Game Lab.

Along with the workshops, participants will be given the opportunity to view projects and clubs from high school students surrounding CS+X

Participants may also attend presentations by our CS+X keynote speakers, who will demonstrate how they are able to integrate Computer Science into their respective fields.

  •  Dr. Evan Glazer: As the principal of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Dr. Glazer emphasizes inquiry-based learning, technology-enhanced explorations, and real world applications.
  • Alexandra Johnson (CS+Fashion): A Computer Science Major from Carnegie Mellon University, Ms.Alexandra Johnson is currently a software engineer at SigOpt and has worked in many CS+Fashion environments including the frontend and backend teams at Polyvore, Facebook, Duolingo and Rent the Runway as a full-stack programmer. Ms.Johnson also conducted a research project integrating Fashion topics with Computer Science.
  • Vicki Niu (CS+Social Good): A current student at Stanford University, Vicki Niu is the Cofounder of CS+Social Good, an organization that empowers students to leverage technology for social good by inspiring action, facilitating collaboration, and forging pathways towards change.
  • Maitreyee Joshi (CS+Drama): A student at Carnegie Mellon University, Maitreyee Joshi is studying Computer Science with a Minor in Drama. She has also worked worked as a research and development associate at Walt Disney Imageering, and is passionate about developing technological applications to help the disabled.

Dr. Evan Glazer
Alexandra Johnson
Vicky Niu Maitreyee Johnson


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