Production Team

DC Metropolitan Area


Caelan Barranta

Senior, TJHSST

Caelan took AP Computer Science and took Foundations of Computer Science during Freshman year, coded websites using HTML and javascript, and programmed robots using Python in the past. I educate young girls and students in coding by volunteering in various events.


Alan Zheng

Sophomore, TJHSST

Alan is a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology. He has been interested in computer science since 7th grade, and his whole family works in Information Technology. He plans to pursue CS through senior year and perhaps into college. He has hopes to promote STEM in younger students. Alan also currently participates in crew, orchestra, VMT, Latin, and other clubs.

Maddie Min

Junior, TJHSST

Maddie is a junior at TJHSST. Her favorite area of study is computer science, especially mobile app development. She also likes playing sports, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.

Christine Zhao

Junior, TJHSST

Christine Zhao is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. After taking Computer Science in high school, Christine started to enjoy the problem-solving aspect of coding, became intriguied by how useful computer science was for facilitating the execution of everyday tasks. She is passionate about helping those who can’t help themselves, and hopes to spread a love of computer science and instill passion, drive, and hope in bright young students as a member of the Pilot Team. Christine rows on the TJ Crew team, mentors aspiring middle schoolers through LIFT Mentorship, and is an officer in Chinese Honor Society and a BigSibs Coordinator throughout the year.

Olivia Lu

Junior, TJHSST

Olivia Lu is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. She became passionate about coding through her computer science courses in high school and hackathons. She is knowledgeable on Java and is currently teaching herself HTML and CSS. In her free time, Olivia also enjoys creating art and learning Russian

Mina Kim

Sophomore, TJHSST

Mina is a sophomore at TJHSST. Upon entering high school, she developed an interest in computer science through various experiences and she hopes to be able to spark a passion for computer science in others as a member of the Curriculum Team.

Arjun Dhumne

8th Grade, Rachel Carson Middle School

Arjun is an 8th-grade student at Rachel Carson Middle School and has a passion for computer science with interdisciplinary fields. He is an active member of his school’s Technology Student Association chapter and voices his opinion through Parliamentary Debate. He is also proficient in Java and Raspberry Pi. In his free time, he plays basketball, studies videography, and listens to a variety of music.
Arjun joined Project CODEt to spread his own passion for computer science to other students. He believes through strong communication and dedication, he can teach other students programming skills they will need in the workforce.
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