About Project CODEt


Project CODEt is an organization founded by high school students in the Northern Virginia region to encourage and foster an interest in Computer science through activities such as workshops, programs, and other engaging activities. By creating early exposure to Computer science, we hope to motivate students to further their studies within the subject throughout their academic careers, provide equal opportunities in the field, and diminish the social stigmas surrounding the Computing-workforce.


  1. To find opportunities for early exposure to Computer Science, as the earliest class offered is in high school.
  2. To teach the various skills surrounding the subject in a manner that appeals to younger students while teaching them about it’s day-to-day applications
  3. To diminish the stereotypes surrounding the computer science by demonstrating its both valuable and interesting lifelong skills
  4. To provide  opportunities to all aspiring Computer Scientists, and give them the tools they need (knowledge, and a work space or computer) to fully master their skills.
  5. To promote the Women in Computer Science movement, by allowing young girls to express interest in a STEM field in an environment encouraging curiosity and technology-based exploration without the presence of social stigmas.
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